Cold-Flu Recovery

Shorten the duration of flu and cold symptoms. Reduce severity of flu and cold symptoms, including nasal congestion, cough and sore/itchy throat.

Active Ingredient
  • Lapine bradykinin immune globulin 12C, 30C, 50C
  • Lapine morphine immune globulin 12C, 30C, 50C
  • Lapine histamine immune globulin 12C, 30C, 50C
Cold-Flu Recovery

Is a homeopathic, over-the-counter medication with unique and effective anti-viral properties, with results comparable to and sometimes even better than prescription drugs commonly used for these illnesses, all with absolutely zero harmful side effects.

Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery is the product of a unique synergy between antibody science and homeopathic formulation. This means that our product has the efficacy associated with a scientifically formulated drugs without harmful side effects.

Antibodies are naturally occurring proteins and components of our immune system that are individually programmed to target very specific molecules. In the case of Cold-Flu Recovery these are Histamine, CD4 and Gamma Interferon.

It is important to understand that antibodies are one of the most specific and targeted molecules in our bodies, resulting in zero off-target effects — meaning that antibodies specifically look for and attach to their target only.

This is why both Cold-Flu Recovery do not dampen your overall system (by making you drowsy, groggy or jittery) and have no harmful side effects. These active ingredients only interact with the three molecules the antibodies are designed to target.

Not only do Brillia Health product has absolutely zero side effects, it also has no contraindications with any other medications or supplements you may be taking. This is due to their extremely high level of target specificity, meaning that Brillia Health Cold-Flu Recovery only looks for and binds with its target, and will not affect anything else in the body, any other systems, or any other drugs or supplements that you may be taking. Additionally, it’s important to note that antibody binding can have various effects depending on the specific target molecule. In some cases, antibody binding can prevent the target molecule from doing its job (in the case of the Lapine Histamine immune globulin). In contrast, antibody binding can also have a synergistic/positive effect, allowing the molecule to perform its job better than it could without the antibody bound (in the case of the Lapine CD4 immune globulin and the Lapine Gamma Interferon immune globulin).

As we mentioned, Cold-Flu Recovery’s active ingredients are antibodies designed to target Histamines, CD4 and Gamma interferon, which are all a part of the immune system. When these antibodies bind to these three molecules, histamines stop causing symptoms such as sinus congestion, cough and sore throat, stuffy nose, CD4 cells get activated, allowing them to fight off the virus more effectively and lastly, Gamma interferon tells even more cells to go fight off the virus. In the end, the combination of these three active ingredients stop the symptoms we all hate while also supporting the body’s natural ability to fight off the virus as efficiently and quickly as possible. Consequently, Brillia Health Cold-Flu recovery not only reduces the severity of the symptoms but also shortens the duration of your cold/flu illness. And unlike hundreds of OTC medications you see in the isle of the drugstore, Brillia Health Cold/Flu Recovery does not cause drowsiness, grogginess or jitteriness and does not have all the chemicals that dampen your entire system to leave you unproductive and drained.

Cold-Flu Recovery
Mechanism of action
Shorten the duration of flu and cold symptoms. Reduce severity
of flu and cold symptoms, including nasal congestion, cough
and sore/itchy throat.
Severity of the symptoms
Duration of your cold/flu illness
does not
Cause drowsiness, jitteriness
Inactive Ingredients

Lactose monohydrate, Magnesium stearate, Microcrystalline cellulose.

Food Allergy Warning

Ask a doctor or pharmacist before use if you are lactose-intolerant.